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ENVY TouchSmart 4

Now with the intuitive power of touch and Windows 8, the HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook™ 4 is up for even more. With an eye-catching metal design, it packs Beats Audio™, a booming subwoofer, and graphics performance that will blow you away.

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  • ShortTake #3: HP StoreEasy Storage Overview play 4:41 ShortTake #3: HP StoreEasy Storage Overview

    In this Around the Storage Block ShortTake, Product Manager Jim Hankins gives an overview of HP StoreEasy Storage - file and application storage made easy!

  • HP X300 Data Vault Video demo play 1:37 HP X300 Data Vault Video demo

    The HP Data Vault X300 Series will automatically backup multiple computers on your home network including both Windows PC and Mac, offering full image recovery, or i...

  • HP Renew - Cutting costs - not corners.
play 3:50 HP Renew - Cutting costs - not corners.

    At HP’s European remanufacturing facility, they’re assembling affordable products that are as good as new. Same great performance, same reliable quality, same warran...

  • HP 3PAR StoreServ Guarantees play 2:40 HP 3PAR StoreServ Guarantees

    Customer video: 2.5 minute overview of HP 3PAR Get Thin and Get Virtual Guarantees, free storage assessments, and TCO savings.

  • TRANSFORM Your Data Center play 4:46 TRANSFORM Your Data Center

    HP 3PAR Utility Storage delivers 100% of the simplicity, agility and efficiency demanded by the virtual data center and cloud computing environments.

  • Bulletproof StorageWorks XP array play 2:57 Bulletproof StorageWorks XP array

    Down time is not an option for mission critical applications, and the HP StorageWorks folks have taken this to heart as they literally fired a bullet through an XP12...

  • Clean Harbors & Advance + HP play 3:20 Clean Harbors & Advance + HP

    Faced with systems that could not support their business needs, these companies implemented HP StorageWorks solutions to improve availability, reliability, scalabil...

  • Central Queensland U. + HP play 3:06 Central Queensland U. + HP

    HP StorageWorks EVA and other HP solutions help provide continuous information access to CQU's distance-learning students.

  • StorageWorks 600 Modular Disk System play 5:23 StorageWorks 600 Modular Disk System

    Watch this HP Video and see how the HP BladeSystem has redefined direct connect storage with the new HP StorageWorks MDS600 and direct connect SAS storage for the HP...

  • Simplify Storage for MS Exchange2010 play 8:06 Simplify Storage for MS Exchange2010

    Learn what new storage options are now available with Microsoft Exchange 2010, when you'd consider each option, and how HP's robust storage portfolio can simplify ...

  • Introducing the StorageWorks P9500 play 5:06 Introducing the StorageWorks P9500

    HP shipped its first XP Disk Array in 1999. With a new name, the next generation P9500 builds on the long history of mission-critical storage with breakthrough ease...

  • HP StorageWorks EVA4400 & Microsoft play 2:42 HP StorageWorks EVA4400 & Microsoft

    The HP StorageWorks EVA4400 & Microsoft applications have been tested together for real performance & reliability gains & Dynamic Capacity Manager takes advantage of...

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